Billegal Beats

A label creating infrastructure around left-field glitch music

Billegal Beats is the label created and curated by glitch artist Mr. Bill and a small team of friends.

For years, unconventional glitch music hasn’t had any real infrastructure around it, which doesn’t really allow the genre to grow.

Genres grow when rich communities surround them. Strong communities develop out of people being both interested in a certain thing and then being rewarded for participating in said thing.

This isn’t necessarily the case with IDM and glitch music. It seems there’s little to no reward for creating it currently.

Our goal is to try and fix that!

Billegal Beats – Vol.0



tsu – Iterum EP



Tineidae – Slowly Drown In Static



r21freq – Fold EP



Submit Your Demo

We’re taking demos for Billegal Beats – a new label designed around releasing left-field, glitch music to help build an infrastructure for it.

If you have any finished, unreleased music, please submit your demo.

We look forward to listening!