Billegal Beats - Vol.0 | Billegal Beats

Billegal Beats Vol.0

Vol.0 is the initial release from the freshly launched, Mr. Bill curated label “Billegal Beats”.

An 18 track sonic saga compiled of works from various artists ranging from veteran IDM producers such as Boxcutter, The Flashbulb and Mr. Bill to fresh up-and-coming talents like Blanketdragon, Jonah Hodges, Cloud Cluster (and many more).

The goal of this compilation is to revive the “fallen angel” that is IDM, a genre that inspired so many of us artists to get into the electronic music production game in the first place!

Vol.0 shall take you on a auditory journey through various styles of glitch music ranging from vibey detuned synthwork threaded through glitched out percussive elements to dark, heavy bass design that’ll peel your dick straight off & leave you feeling confused & most likely sexually aroused.

If you like weird Electronic music then whack your (hopefully nice) headphones on & give her a whirl!

Released February 6, 2019