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Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill is an established pseudonym known by many in the electronic music industry and its fan base. Not only as a prolific contributor to the understanding and betterment of his profession (tutorials and workshops available) but as also a celebrated performer and composer.

Determined not to be pinned to one particular styling, listeners will embark on a genre tripping odyssey, a paradoxical foray into the slinky funk fueled world of 8bit saturated Glitch Hop.

An audio rubik’s cube of angular effervescence, meticulously crafted dulcet vibrato hums, erratic reverb and bottomless drops. Get lost in the Omni directional mash up of progressive trance, electro and experimental.

Accessible and palatable to the newest and oldest of fans respectively.


Based in Tacoma Washington, Blanketdragon has been producing since 2011.

After learning a few different production styles and honing his skills, he’s developed a psychedelic, maximalist, experimental, disjointed, melodic, glitchy sound, drawing influences from idm, prog rock, hip hop, and occasional auditory hallucinations.


Blatwax is a project by Australian musician Blake Chandler. After a lengthy hiatus producing under several different names, Blatwax is a return to his roots.

His aim is to vent through experimentation; to be himself, just like everyone else.


Boxcutter is the pseudonym for Barry Lynn, Music producer and keen amateur hillwalker from Ireland, specifically, the top part.

Cloud Cluster

Rolla William Campbell (aka Cloud Cluster) began his musical career in the 4th grade on the cello in Queensland, Australia.

Coming from a background of orchestral composition, Cloud Cluster’s productions can be described as epic, emotive & technical.

The Flashbulb

The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) is an American modern jazz and electronic musician who typically releases electronic or cinematic styled music. His style differs strongly between albums, but they all have a cohesive bond tied around intricate drum programming, jazz-influenced melodies, and a wide array of live instrumentation from various instruments Jordan has acquired.


The convergence of exotic sound design and raw psychedelic intensity finds a home in the musical creations of American bass producer Andrew Bryant, aka Hullabalo0.

Drawing upon nearly two decades of immersion in the musical world as a listener, musician, beatmaker, DJ and producer, he has carved a growing niche for himself in the rough-and-tumble world of underground electronica with his provocative fusion of arpeggiated and glitch-tinged, 808-driven, Neuro-style bass music.

With a potent discography of releases, remixes, and collaborations that have placed him at the helm of some of the country’s most celebrated psychedelic music events, Hullabalo0 brings a shapeshifting quality to the bass realm that continues to mutate with each musical incarnation.

Jonah Hodges

Based out of Portland, Oregon. Jonah Hodges is a versatile producer.

Jonah’s unique sound is known for his off-kilter rhythms, ethereal ambiance, next level sound design and unique take on IDM along with micro-edit filled bass music.

Jonah’s undisputed proficiency makes him an artist to watch in the future.

Julien Mier

Julien is a Dutch instrumentalist and music composer with an “anything but the kitchen sink” approach.

The red thread of his music is this calm and chilled approach in a hectic array of elements that end up becoming a surrealistic trip of collage styled fragments and seeks this optimistic side of melancholia.

He has released music since 2005 and has worked/remixed artists like Kettel, Ochre, Floex, Machinedrum and many others.

Maurizio Chiaro

Maurizio Chiaro is a sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Turin, Italy.

Maurizio’s sound tends to be quite unpredictable, often chaotic, but at the same time focused on precise tonic and rhythmic elements.


Morgan Prevost is the big-dicked gatekeeper withholding the login details to the Soundcloud page /premochunes – legend has it that if you yell at his crotch very loudly, a tune will come out of his fly & work its way into your ear like an angry little ear wig!


Purfakt is the moniker of Belgian music producer Simon De Thuin – influenced by a wide range of music such as Björk to System of a Down to deadmau5, Simon produces an eclectic blend of soft glistening melodic glitch, driven heavily by rhythm.


r21freq is the pseudonym of Antonio Mendez, an electronic musician based in Rockville, Maryland.

His music is influenced by rhythm games, IDM, and harmonic earworms living in the core of keygen music.


Tineidae is a Warsaw-based project of Ukrainian electronic musician Pavlo Storonskyi.

Pavlo explores and fuses different genres and styles ranging from heavier, beat-driven industrial sound to more atmospheric and ambient electronica. Influenced by sci-fi and cyberpunk films and books, in his works he retells stories of dark futuristic wastelands, dystopian megapolises and distant space journeys.


Jacob Villarreal, aka, tsu, is an electronic musician from Houston, Texas.

Influenced by artists such as Aphex Twin, Prodigy, Skrillex and many others, tsu strives to modernize IDM/braindance genre for more of the world to listen in on.